I’m stepping out of my comfort zone – again…

I have been working towards this outcome for the past almost 2 years – well, really, I guess I’ve been working towards this since I started in this business – I just didn’t know it!

I have learned so much through my travels – by myself (or with Ron!), on fams or conferences,  and most especially with my wonderful weddings – and have met so many incredible people in the wedding industry in Mexico and the Caribbean (some who have turned into lifelong friends), that I felt the overwhelming urge to share it with others.

I am now leading Destination Wedding Fams for travel agents across North America who also specialize in Destination Weddings.  I led my first (very small) one last year to, of course, Cabo – and this fall I will be leading 4 more.  I will be headed to the Riviera Maya, Jamaica, Punta Cana and Puerto Vallarta with small groups of agents so they can get familiar with the resorts and meet the on-site wedding teams and management – mainly so they can meet those in charge and ‘get to know the resort’ – and so they will feel a whole bunch more comfortable about recommending resorts to their couples.

That is why I have travelled so much – and often times to the same places/areas. Each time I would tour more resorts – get to know the management, see the rooms, taste the food (and sometimes drink the drinks, lol).  Every resort can look good on paper… or on a website…  But my spidey senses tingled a lot of times, if you get what I’m sayin’.  Even resorts within the same ‘company’ are vastly different…

YES, I am still going to be doing Destination Weddings, Groups, and ‘regular’ travel.  I love it too much to stop!  I’m just adding one more job to my portfolio…


White hot party12 - Aurelio

Aurelio – the very first wedding planner I dealt with 10 years ago.  Together again last year!


Thanks for your support!!


Will your wedding include your children? Here’s some great ideas…

– Have a private celebration before the big day with just them
– Include the children – whether as junior bridesmaids or groomsmen; have a special dance; have them give a speech (if they are older)
– Welcome your stepchildren into your new family – whether at the wedding ceremony, or in a speech at the reception
– Make the day about them, too!
– Include them in the vows
– Ask them to walk you down the aisle
– Involve them in some of the decision making processes.  Take them along to pick out the dress, the cake, the flowers – anything that will make them feel part of your day.
 A big thanks to Ashleigh & Chris for allowing me to use their photo!

American River Boat Cruise & the Kentucky Derby!

There was a tremendous response to a newsletter I sent out the other day for an American River Cruise that also included the Kentucky Derby. They have notified me that the cruise is now sold out, BUT I am now first on the wait list for a group from Canada for the 2019 sailing! If this is something that might interest you, let me know and I will send out the information to you once I receive it before it goes public!