Group Travel

Come along on one (or more!) of our group trips – get the group pricing and sometimes extra ‘perks’! And always fun!!!  A truly wonderful way to travel – you’re never alone when you travel with a group…  You don’t have to know everyone in the group – in fact, sometimes lifetime friendships are made with the people you will meet!!!

Want to get a group of friends or family together to celebrate something, or ‘just because’? Group travel is the way to do it – let someone ELSE do the cooking and the cleaning, while you just enjoy each other’s company.  And it doesn’t hurt that the drinks are often included…

Family, friends, school or college reunions – or a reunion of whatever you want!; church groups; book clubs; multi-generational; wine ‘enthusiasts’; camping buddies; milestone birthdays or anniversaries, etc. etc. etc…

To find out information on trips as they are added, like my Facebook page

Right now – of course – everything is on hold, but I am working diligently setting up groups for 2022 and 2023 – even into 2024 already! Sign up here to be the first to find out!!

Experience the satisfied and stress-free feeling of knowing someone else is looking after all the little details… 

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