Will your wedding include your children? Here’s some great ideas…

– Have a private celebration before the big day with just them
– Include the children – whether as junior bridesmaids or groomsmen; have a special dance; have them give a speech (if they are older)
– Welcome your stepchildren into your new family – whether at the wedding ceremony, or in a speech at the reception
– Make the day about them, too!
– Include them in the vows
– Ask them to walk you down the aisle
– Involve them in some of the decision making processes.  Take them along to pick out the dress, the cake, the flowers – anything that will make them feel part of your day.
 A big thanks to Ashleigh & Chris for allowing me to use their photo!

Where would I go?

I have been asked numerous times where I would go on vacation…  I have several ‘favourites’ for different reasons! And in various locations. But a few weeks ago, I took my first ‘vacation’ in over 10 years – no site inspections, no conferences, no meetings, not a fam trip, not a wedding, not switching resorts every couple of days so I could experience them – just an honest to goodness vacation. Just Ron & I, and our friends Budd & Anne, relaxing.  It was a little hard for me to do! But I managed, heehee!! I chose one of my all-time top picks – the Sensatori Azul in the Riviera Maya. And let me tell you (and show you) why…

This was the view from our patio.  It's sort of hard to leave the area when you have this!!

This was the view from our patio. It’s sort of hard to leave the area when you have this!!

From the moment we were picked up at the airport by the friendly driver from Mexico Grand; to the champagne awaiting us at check-in; to finding out they had upgraded us both so we were next door to each other; to the escort to our rooms by Alvaro, the Sales Manager; to this view… We never wanted to leave the room!

The view from the garden lounge just outside the lobby

The view from the garden lounge just outside the lobby.  Family building to the left. Photo from Karisma

Our room in the adults only building

Our room in the adults only building

This is the view that greets you when you leave the lobby. Hard not to fall in love immediately!

After a VERY quick run to have something to eat, it was back to the room to enjoy the swim-up suites.  Which led directly to the adult’s only pool and swim-up bar… But we found out we didn’t even have to go to the bar – there was a wait staff who came around to the swim-up suites!  If we were big drinkers (still!) it could have been trooooouuuuble!! But can’t you see yourself enjoying that??  Even in the rain…

Even the rain can't stop us!!

Even the rain can’t stop us!!

Ron enjoying his coffee on the deck.

Ron enjoying his coffee on the deck.

Then it was off to enjoy the food… Any of you who have been following me for long know my feelings about this resort and their food.  It would be hard to find another resort that comes close.  From the mushroom risotto (which was our first evening meal, of course!); to the tortilla soup station for lunches (or the all-you can eat sushi…); to the amazing food displays at Spoon Restaurant (different from a normal ‘buffet’ – just a bit of food is put out at a time, with a lot of it being cooked fresh in front of your eyes); to the eggs benedict sitting outside watching the ocean (or sitting beside the swim-up pool thanks to their 24 hour room service); to the great burgers and ribs sitting on the beach; to the sandwiches enjoyed IN OUR POOL (yup, right in that alcove by Ron’s feet)… I could go on and on.

Then there was the piece de resistance – one of the nights we went to the Le Chique restaurant.  I haven’t gone any of the other times I have stayed at the Sensatori, as I was waiting to bring Ron – I knew I would get him here someday! This restaurant is one of very few in Mexico to have earned a 5 diamond award from the AAA.  I cannot explain the food – it was an experience that is indescribable. The 8 course meal takes approximately 2 hours, and each course is described in detail. We were so involved in the whole evening, we forgot to take pictures of the food. Nothing like I have ever seen, or tasted, before.  I cannot WAIT until I go back again!!

2014-10-11c Le Chique

Romantic dinner, and we’re sitting together!!


Please smile, Ron…

We did some sightseeing while we were there as well.  One of the days we went in and explored Puerto Moreles, a small fishing village not too far from the resort.  Found a couple of great little shops (one of them being ladies wear, of course!), and an absolutely excellent little local spot to have some fish tacos.  If you’re there, you have to find Roger Rabbit’s – it’s worth it!!

Another day, we went to Playa del Carmen to stroll and shop 5th Ave.  We stopped at one patio to have a drink and cool off, and we found Budd’s ‘brother’.  It was freaky how much they looked alike!!

We found Budd's twin! Random pit stop on 5th Ave., and there was his doppleganger...

We found Budd’s twin! Random pit stop on 5th Ave., and there was his doppleganger…

I am just going to share some of my favourite photos from this resort now and let the pictures do the talking. Now that I have experienced a ‘real’ holiday again, I can’t wait to have another one. Not that I don’t enjoy my ‘working vacations’!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you – a million times thank you to the Sales Staff and Hotel Staff for this amazing stay.  Roberto, Alex, Barbie (and thanks for the lunch visit Roberto & Barbara), Mercedes, Cecilia, Alvaro, Denise, Nelly – and anyone else I forgot. Can’t wait to return!!

8 months later, I’m finally starting my New Year’s Resolution…

Friends, colleagues and clients keep telling me I need to have a blog.  So I’m finally doing it…

As you will be able to tell, I LOVE my job. I caught the travel bug early, and it has never waned.  My love of travel and my knack for organization have led me into this perfect – PERFECT – career for me as a travel agent specializing in Destination Weddings.  Why a blog?? I’m hoping that by sharing my experiences it will help you in your choice for your next vacation or destination wedding! Plus it’s a good way to keep my memory refreshed! As my 4-year old granddaughter told me the other day, I am getting old…

And the love of travelling begins...

And the love of travelling begins… Edinburgh Castle 1973

I hope you will enjoy reading about resorts I have stayed at or toured, as well as seeing some of the weddings I have worked with. This isn’t a full listing of resorts – some I haven’t toured yet, and some aren’t listed for a reason… Remember – anything can be made to look good on the internet or on a brochure! If you have questions about any resort in particular, please don’t hesitate to contact me – if I haven’t been there yet, I have several friends in the industry who probably have. And some posts might not have anything to do with the resorts or weddings – you never know where my mind will lead some days…

For now, here is a photo of the cutest flowergirl in the world, at her auntie’s wedding in Jamaica!!

The cutest flowergirl in the world!


I hope you enjoy my blog as it unfolds.  Thank you for your support in any way!!